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Relatively new to pellet BBQ. I've lusted after one for years and years, this last October we bought a house in Houston (Missouri City to be exact), got a pretty good deal and looks like we hit when the prices were at the bottom and the interest rate was at a low point (I got 3.75% and did not pay any points - yeah). Anyway, for Christmas my wife bought me a Traeger Junior; since it's just her and I it works perfectly. I'd been a Weber man for quite some time (was looking around and planned on buying a used one before my wife came up with this) and cooking with pellets was different than I thought. Really feels like I'm 'baking' in the outdoors with added smoke more than traditional BBQ'ing. Not that I'm complaining, it certainly takes a lot of the tending, messing and fussing out of the equation, one of my main complaints about charcoal briquette BBQ'ing was how often my 'fire' would be dwindling down while I still had some more cooking to do (real hassle to start up another batch of briquettes in the chimney pull the rack, move the coals, put in the new ones, etc).

Anyway, it's Easter, Happy Easter one and all, I'll be making my second batch of ribs today. The first batch turned out pretty good, slowly but surely I'm getting the hang of pellet BBQ'ing, and loving it.


Welcome to the forum from Manassas, VA. Have a Happy Easter and show us some pictures of what you're cooking.


Welcome. As you will notice this site is mainly about cooking. From basic easy cooks (see some of my post) all the way to top tier restaurant quality and better.
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