"Kentuckiyaki" Baja Steaks on the Memphis Pro

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First off I used the bottle of Kentuckyaki that Kentucky Smoke sent to me as a gift. It is a teryaki sauce with kentucky bourbon in it. Nice Sauce

In San Luis Obispo there is a butcher that has a cut of steak he calls Baja Steak. It is from the chuck and I cannot believe that I have never seen it beofre. Keep in mind this is 20 minutes from where the butcher cut the first Tri Tip. It is way good

I marinated it and then sprinkled the new Big Poppa Double Secret Steak Seasoning and smoke at 250 until it hit 130. Raised the heat to 550 and seared for 90 seconds a side and rested, sliced and served!





Damn, another good random cut of beef exposed! Hopefully this one doesn't go the way of the tri tip and get popular with premium pricing. Been doing the "baja steak" for years with great results. This cut is technically a shoulder tender I believe. I have gotten it through Sysco and there are several butchers here in central ca, that do this. We always pick up some for the grill at Spencers market in Morro Bay when vacationing in Cayucos. Main thing when getting it in a food service pack is to trim off all the silver meat. Hopefully it will remain in obscurity as it is a good cut of meat and relatively cheap. That sauce sounds really intriguing, where could I get my hands on some?


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That looks awesome BP.

I'm sure that I'll be able to find that cut about the same time I'm able to find tri-tip and Fat Tire beer :(;)


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Deb, we can get Fat Tire and the occasional tri-tip around here (at a premium $$$)... Shouldn't be long before they work their way East.

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Carter....I forgot that you are a Mustang. I buy this from Spencers in SLO. Every time I visit the guitar factory a stop at spencers is manditory. I will look into this cut from strube wagyu...

You are right about tri tip the problem is that there are only two per cow. I am showing my age (55) but it used to be basically throw away meat...it was scrap. Same with abalone...used to be so plentiful and cheap when I was growing up in Newport....the protected the seal and erased the abalone and giant clam.

Thanks for the tip Tom!

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It's making progress I also doing a re do on the big poppa site thats why you just see the store when you sign on to it
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