Labor Day Weekend...BP has gone nuts!!!!!!!Contest contest contest


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Amberjack tacos

Wanted to use some amberjack that I had in the freezer from our last fishing trip in the Gulf. Spritzed them with some canola and lightly dusted them with Season All.
Put them on the SRG with hickory pellets in the smoker container hung on the side of the unit.
Here is how they looked when they came off.

Here are the fixin's for the tacos.

Here is a plate with the taco made the way I like them.

They were very tasty. So if you are ever wondering what to do with amberjack, they make a very nice taco.
Thank you.


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Crab Legs, Steak and apple crisp

My family called during the week and said they were all coming to my house for Labor day... um, ok. Father calls and says he bought crab legs and steak for me to cook.. nothing like inviting yourself and telling me what to cook.. haha.
Away we go:
Fired up the barrel with a puch of perfect mix pellets and set it at 250.. smoking nice. Used Big Poppa Double Secret.

Brought them to 130 on the outside ring with the charcoal basket up. Put them over the coals for 3min a side to make it look pretty. Puled them and put in the smoking bok of the MAK. (Apple Crisp was cooking away in the main part.)

Apple Crisp:

Ready for the MAK:


Crab legs!:
These were called red crab legs.. they were really good!

Table of food:

Plated food (picture of moms plate who likes med well.. the rest were must prettier pink color:

Happy Labor day! Ours was awesome.

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Bacon wrapped center cut pork loin.

Here we go!

I cut the loin into 4 1 1/2 inch thick pieces and wrapped them in bacon.



Next I hit em 360 with BP's MONEY rub. New phrase I'm starting :D 360 ..means on all sides. Kinda catchy!

Ding dong..someone's at the neighbor brings me these..

Alrighty!, Whoooo!
Cut em in half and wrapped some thick cut bacon on them and dusted em with little Louie's seasoned garlic salt with black pepper.

I got the loins on catching some smoke for about 45 minutes.

Next I put the loins in the side drawer and cranked the MAK to high.
I put in the ABTs and the potatoes au gratin.


Getting there..



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Draper's brisket, burnt ends and twice baked potato

Started out with a 13 lb. brisket rubbing with Draper's Moo'd Enhancer seasoning after the fat cap was trimmed.



Set it on the Yoder at 150º for 2 hours and then turned it up to 225º. Here is the brisket a few hours after the heat was turned up.


Here is the brisket pulled at 155º to separate the point from the flat.


Now the flat is foiled in a pan to continue cooking and the point is chunked up and in a pan mixed with Draper's BBQ Smokin' Sauce, Moo'd Enhancer seasoning and brown sugar for some burnt ends.



Twice baked potato's back in the Yoder!


Here we are after the flat reached 205º and after it had rested, then started slicing it.


Plated pic of the twice baked potato, burnt ends and slice brisket.


Burnt ends, gotta love them!

Thanks for looking!
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OK the ABT's are done..beautiful!


The potatoes have about another ten minutes so it's time for the loins.
Onto the hot grill grates..I love these things!

Three minutes turn turn turn turn..a few rounds around the patio table counting down the minutes..taking pictures. I mowed three days ago..then we got 5 1/2 inches of rain. Need to mow again..

Another three flip flip flip flip...

At this point I dusted the loins with happy ending. I'm liking what's going on here!

Everything is done now but the grilled romaine..the loins are resting and the potatoes too.


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Smoked prime rib, crab stuffed mushrooms, scallops and frozen strawberry dessert

Well I have been wanting to make Prime Rib for weeks now and finally pulled the trigger on a large rib-eye roast to do it. Started with a 13lb boneless Rib-Eye Roast. Cut about 1/3 off for the prime rib - rest of it got packaged for the freezer for another occasion.

Here it is all pumped and rub down with a package from Curleys Sausage Kitchen.

Onto the Yoder at 170° for a couple of hours - smoking with hickory pellets.

Tried my hand at some crab stuffed mushrooms - cream cheese, minced garlic, crushed croutons, melted butter and seasonings. All mixed up and stuffed...

Scallops with some butter, garlic, and seasonings (was going to be a pic here but was over the 10 pic quota...scallops lost their photo. LOL!)

Removed the Prime Rib when it was reading about 115° - doing this because I am grilling the Prime Rib with the grill grates. Cut the roast into 5 thick steaks.

First side hitting the grates.....

Flippy flip....

Mushrooms done...



Dessert to follow .....
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Frozen strawberry dessert (cont from Prime Rib cook)

Start with toasted pecans and graham crackers and grind in food processor.

Next - add butter, flour and brown sugar to the above mix and cook for 20 mins for your crust and crumble top.

Onto the main attraction....
Strawberries and a mixture of cream cheese, whipping cream, sugar, egg whites, and lemon juice.

Add 1/2 the crumble mix to the bottom of the pan, followed by the strawberry mix, and finally the rest to the crumble. Into the freezer for at least 3 hours.

Served with an extra sliced strawberry on top. We should have waited a bit more for it to harden...oh well it was still great semi frozen :)

I will be making this again for sure! Way easy and very good!

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I hit the romaine with some Annie's herb evoo then grilled it for a minute or so on each side.



Ok let's plate it up!

A center cut pork loin wrapped in thick sliced bacon. Dusted with money and finished with happy ending. Potatoes au gratin, and grilled romaine lettuce drizzled with Annie's herb and balsamic vinegar EVOO, home made bacon bits and sliced cherry tomatoes. And for dessert a couple of ABTs :D
I washed it down with a tall glass of milk.




How was it?? This picture speaks for itself.

All around a very good and satisfying meal. This was the first time I've done a loin like this with money and happy ending. WOW!
It won't be the last! The potatoes picked up a nice smoke flavor and the romaine was really good. The Annie's herb and balsamic was
perfect for this. The ABT's hit the spot as always!

Thanks for looking!
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OK first timer here so go easy on me. The kids but mostly the wife have been whining about getting some pheasant to eat. So, here I come to save the day. Marinaded the pheas overnight with italian dressing and a mix of seasonings. in a foil pan and onto the smoker for 20 minutes of smoke
View attachment 1638

View attachment 1641

Then cranked up to 275 for an hour til it reached 160 IT then removed from pan and placed on grill.
View attachment 1636


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Pork loin for 25

Had the deacons from our church and their wives over for an appreciation dinner. Last year we had prime rib for them and this year we wanted to do something different so we decided on 2 pork loins. Had the butcher cut the bone from the meat and then tie them back together. This makes for easier carving and the bone seems toadd more flavor to the meat. Had to cut part of each loin off so they would fit in my cast iron roasters. Brined them for 18 hours in my home made brine. Rinsed them to primarily get rid of the surface salt. Wife and I had made one several days ago and I didn't rinse and it was way too salty. Then mixed a home made rub with EVOO and rubbed all over the loins, wrapped and into the refrig over nite.

Put into the roasters over a bed of Craisins with apple cider.

Then onto the Red on indirect heat. Hickory pellet pach on the direct heat side. Wireless thermometer in place and the cook started.

Done. How it looked.

After the rest and with the bone and ties removed.


Plated with peas, garlic mashed potatoes and gravy made from the drippings with the Craisins strained out and with some red wine.


Everyone raved about the dinner. Have been asked for the recipe by several in attendance.
Thank you.


Chicken Cordon Bleu

Thought we would try a little Chicken Cordon Bleu on the MAK for a little Labor Day get together with my folks..

Bought some fresh bone in chicken breasts, a block of swiss cheese and some sliced prosciutto.. Sliced some strips of swiss and wrapped in the prosciutto.. Stuffed the chicken and rubbed with a little evoo and Money..


On to the Mak on smoke for 30min then bumped to 300.. When IT hit 145 I bumped it to 400 to crisp it up a bit!



Plated with some Parmesan Risotto and a little Salad and a Cold Blue Moon!





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OK how do you get those big pictures and more than 5? Mine only show up little and the attachment manager will only alow 5 per post


OK how do you get those big pictures and more than 5? Mine only show up little and the attachment manager will only alow 5 per post

I use Photobucket and upload my photos there. You then copy the IMG code from your photo in your Photobucket album to your post here. I find it much easier than posting photos to the site and then linking. Using Photobucket you can post more than five pictures and they display in the much larger format. (Using the larger photos it is obvious when the camera didn't focus correctly, my camera gets confused around smoke!)

I remember someone posted a thread on importing pictures.

Good luck.


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Ok so this week's contest was a real tough one! There were a lot of high caliber entries for sure! Honestly first place on this one was kind of a no brainer because this guy went above and beyond the norm. His dinner guests were treated to a 4 star restaurant meal. Second and third place were very tough to decide because there were so many entries that were deserving of each place but I can only pick three so here goes.

After going over the cooks for about an hour here are the results...

Third place goes to RickB- Your mint infusion into the lamb chop is outstanding. Love the couscous salad and fried green beans. Presentation is top notch!

Second place goes to Chilihead- Grilled center loins with bacon look fantastic! That grilled salad, ABT's and potatoes look amazing! Another great presentation.

And first place goes to WingCommander- Ok where do I start. The quesadillas to wet your appetite for what is coming. Then the lolli-pop chicken, stuffed maters and shrimp! Followed by more grilled chicken and then jerk pork! And finally over the top desserts! Simply outstanding! Man I would have loved to be a guest in your house that night ;)

There are several other cooks that were right up there with number two and three...

Susan your "just chicken" looked just fantasic!

Deb your Chicken & pasta looked excellent too! Fine home cooking there.

Smokerjoe love the rack of lamb! Cooked to perfection.

Fishingbouchman a lot of work went into that great looking pizza and it shows.

Salmonsmoker your living up to your name! Plate looks great and happy birthday!

PatrickCT dang! Man that all looked great! What a plate!

Mossy great job on the burnt ends and the brisket.

Tanya beautiful prime rib and stuffed mushrooms. Great dessert too!

Ffvillager love the fact you cooked the loins on a bed of craisins! Great idea!

Bflodan great job on the chicken and the last pic is just gorgeous!

I hope I did not ramble on too long! Just so many good cooks and this was way too tough!

Congrats to all the winners and all that entered. Thanks for the playground BP and giving away all your money so freely LOL
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WOW! Thank you for judging, muebe, though I think you gotta find a fourth place because we had between 20 and 30 cooks this time.

Congrats to the other winners and all participiants.

Thank you BP for the playground.
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