Lets keep having fun!

Big Poppa

OK we finished week two of the cooking contest. Best ten dollars of credit I could give!

If anybody has any other ideas for communal fun post it and we will give it a try.

Also some people seem reluctant to talk about their Traeger. I am a Traeger fan...it got me started. I also really like the GMG stuff...It doesnt matter what cooker you use...its about sharing the passion of pellets.

The reason why there is no dedicated section for those brands is that I sort of want to keep it clean and easy. The reasons for the MAK and Memphis sections is the willingness of the principals of the respective companies to interact here. (Full Disclosure IT doesnt hurt that I am a dealer for them)

Someone commented that it was a MAK forum. I believe that there wasnt a welcoming space on the net for MAK owners until now...the other reason is that Bob has really gotten involved more than the other manufacturers.

This is about pelletsmoking.....all brands...just two rules Play nice and no spam (other than mine...)


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I love my Lil' Tex! I've got some big Traeger posts coming up in the near future... I have to smoke about 80 pounds of turkey/brisket/butts for 2 charity auction packages I donated. (my buddy is doing the ribs on his big Stumps - we won't mention that part ;))


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Love my Lil' Tex too! I'll do a Traeger Love post like Squirt's with some of my old cooks.

Big Poppa - on another forum we do a contest where there are three ingredients chosen out of a hat (usually a protein and two other ingredients) - it's sort of like chopped. It's really interesting to see what everyone comes up for ideas.

Big Poppa

I like that Deb...lets get some more members and I will have uyou do the inaugural post Give us about a month for that one....


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if were cooking with beer (fat tire only) i am in. i love my LIL TEX. that's right, i love my lil tex. it has produced some of the best food i have ever made. has i am sitting here eating a plate of pork butt (daughter isn't home) from my traeger with a biscuit i cooked tonight on my traeger. gooood. milk and fat tire is a good pairing with my pork butt. family has told me no more pork butt for atleast a month. damn. next time i am going to try a different approach. no more injections. been coming out alittle mushy. no injection or foil and fat cap down. just like someone once said on a video "it's all about trying new things out, no wrong way". as long as were smoking, it's all good mon.....
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