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To streamline entries and make it easier on judging, PLEASE limit your contest entry to a maximum of 12 pics (or composites).

Thanks! :)


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Stuffed Pork Chops

Found an interesting item at Sams Club last time we were there and as soon as I seen it I knew it was something I wanted with pork chops. Here goes stuffed pork chops!!

Main players - pork chops, bacon, white wine artichoke tapenade, and white cheddar cheese. The tapenade is a mixture of artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, green olives, kalamata olives, garlic, olive oil, capers, wine and spices. Amazing flavor combination and endless possibilities.

Cut a slit in the pork chop for stuffing...

All stuffed...

Seasoned with BP Sweet Money and will be wrapped in bacon...

Onto the yoder getting a little smoke action from the tube smoker as well. Smoking with a combination of hickory and apple pellets. Also added a hash brown casserole as a side dish.

Ready to eat! Stuffed pork chop, hash brown casserole, and cheesy vegetables made for a great combination!!

Close up - flavors were outstanding!!



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Been working on the house and haven't had time to cook much. Daddy I want ribs and chicken on the bone. How can I tell the daughter no and there is a competition. Have to make time. so here ya go. still crazy so not too many pictures.


man can't live off ribs and wings alone

wings coated with this

time to eat





Eye of Round Roast with Sour Cream & Onion Mash, & Roast Corn.

One of the things I love about BBQ is being able to take a cheap cut of meat, some humble side ingredients, and turn them into something delicious.

The wife was in the mood for beef.

Enter the Eye of Round Roast; relatively inexpensive, lean, but a chance for some good beef flavor, and if cooked right, not bad as far as tenderness goes.

The Mrs. picked up a couple that were just over 2 lbs each. I slathered them with some spicy brown mustard & a sprinkling of Jallelujah! Can I get an Amen? ;)

Black Walnut smoke - so good for beef.

About half way through we tossed on some roasting ears.

Now, enter the humble russet potato... whipped up into a rustic batch of skin-on sour cream & green onion mashed potatoes topped with cheddar & bacon, then onto the MAK to catch some smoke.

You know what else is in them taters? A lot of YUM, that's what!

Roasts pulled at about 132° I.T. Time for a nice rest.

The 15- 20 minute rest really helps these roasts relax so they're tender when served.

Simple, humble, full of flavor... what I love about BBQ!

I hope you enjoy!

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WOW! What a bunch of outstanding cooks. Hope everyone had a safe and great Labor Day weekend. Well here we go with the players

Sinitron- Prime Rib
Chili Head - Ribeye with sautéed mushrooms
Kskomodo04- Brisket
MossyMo - Brisket & burnt ends
RickB- Seafood
Tatonka3A2- Stuffed Pork Chops
Fishingbouchman- Ribs & Chicken
TentHunter - Eye of Round

3rd Place - RickB (nice job on the seafood everything looked great).

2nd Place - Chili Head ( great looking meal, nice sear marks on the ribeye and perfectly cooked. Oh and the desert looked good to).

1st Place - MossyMo (the brisket looked outstanding, very nice smoke ring WOW!)

Congrats to all the great cooks who participated. It is never an easy job judging when you have so many great looking meals. Thanks to BigPoppa for the contest and the prizes.


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Mossy great cook. When I saw that first pic I thought to myself..hmmmm. Looks like I am going to have to order some of that rub. Chili I would not have expected anything less from you. Great steak and cook. To everyone who entered nice job. Thanks Scott for judgeing and thanks to BP for the playground!


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Great job everyone!! As usual all the cooks looked great and I am craving everything in the posts. Thanks BP for the contest and Scott for judging. Time to make my grocery list for next week :)


Congrats to MM, Chili and Rick! Solid cooks! And to all the other competitors who offered up their cooks to the judge, way to go!

Thanks to Scott for judging and to BP for providing the stage and trophies!

Chili Head

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Way to go MossyMo! I knew it was yours when I saw that brisket and burnt ends. Excellent entry again Rick! Thanks for playing everyone!
Thanks for judging Scott!
Thanks BP for the dough!


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My wife told me about the outcome of this contest early this week(was a busy work week), I am surprised and honored... thanks!
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