Lets see some new blood in the Contest Enter now!


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This week’s Contest Winners

And the Players are………

Chili Head Ribs and chicken
Wing Commander Striploin, chilibeans and foiled potatoes
Wneil20 Turkey Dinner
Midnighter Chicken Pot Pie
Scallywag Planko Crusted Chicken Cordon Blue
Tatonka3a2 Blackened Catfish, Hush Puppies, & Red Beans and Rice
Scooter Stuffed Shrimp and Tritip on a drum
Dpom First Turkey
Jimsbarbecue Old Blood

Wow some fine cooks this week. Picking between number one and number two was a toss up. Literally tossed a coin. So the winners are.

Third Place

Wneil20. What a wonderful looking table of food and the turkey looked perfect. Nice job.

Second Place.

Scooter Wow those shrimp were to die for and the tri tip was cooked to perfection. Absolutly stunning.

First Place

Chili Head. BP if you ever need a sales rep for Mak you know where to send them. If that plate of food did’nt impress then I don’t know what will. Beautiful chicken and ribs. Great sides and wonderfully presented. First Rate.

Congrat’s to all the entries and thank’s to BP for the fun and games.
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Chili Head

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Wow Rick thanks! I didn't think I had a chance of even placing this week.
Lots of nice cooks and I saw some things I'm going to try!
Well done everyone and congrats to wneil and scooter!

Thanks BP!
Thanks for judging Rick!

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I know one thing those shrimps of scooters are going on my mak this weekend. I think a few of you have killed the turkey day cooks for the rest of us. While I wish we would have had a little better participation I must say the quality of cooks this week were amazing. I know everyone will be busy this week. But dont forget this is a wonderful forum we have here and if you have the time please take a few minutes and post your holiday dinners. I'm sure that I can speak for everyone when I say we would love to see them. From my wife and i we wish you the most wonderful thanksgiving and the best trough the holiday season.

Rick & Gerri
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Thank you Rick! Congrats to Chili! I second that MAK Rep idea of Rick's! And congrats to wneill20! You rocked that turkey and thank you for not only sharing your food with us but those great pics of your family enjoying it!
And to Jim, Tatonka, Midnighter, Scallywag and Wing Commander for really laying it down with fine smoked grub this weekend!

And a special two thumbs up to dpom on his first MAK turkey cooked on his shiny newly minted 2 Star #1212!! Way to go man! Lookin good! Dave, you're at the beginning of a long fun filled journey of learning how to outdo the last thing you cooked!

Thank you BP for providing the stage and trophies!
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Wow. The wife & I were away for the weekend to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. It looks like I missed a great contest!


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Wow. The wife & I were away for the weekend to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. It looks like I missed a great contest!

Congrat's my friend. What a great anniverseray! Is thier a greater thing to proud of than a long term marrage? I think not! Been 25 here.


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Congrats to all the great cooks posting .Congrats to cliff for 20 years.What day in jan. sterling? I've really been enjoying cooking on my MAK. We've had company from out of town all week,plus the new job,so I've been taking more pictures just don't have the posting thing down pat but will get there.Hope everyone has a great thanksgiving!!!


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Congrats on all the good cooks. I was on vacation for a few weeks so I hope to play again next week! It is hard going a couple weeks without cooking anything!
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