Losing BBQ virgiinity with ribs


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First ever cook on the new Mak, first ever cook of ribs (or any other BBQ). The cooking method used was one I learned at a local BBQ class given by someone that competes nationally (I wish I remembered his name, it was a few years ago).

Two racks seasoned with BPS Money:

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Onto the Mak @230 for 3 hours. 3 hours later:

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Foiled with butter, brown sugar, and honey:

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Then back to the Mak (still @230) for another 2 hours. Basted with a carolina style mustard sauce a friend made (and kindly provided me the recipe for, it was very good).

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Brought the temp up to 275 and cooked for 5 min or so to seal the sauce. The finished product:

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Everyone loved them, I had one rib that was a tiny bit dry but other than that they were great. Next time I'll spray them with apple juice once an hour or so.

The BBQ sauce recipe:

Big Daddy’s Carolina Style Barbecue Sauce - Pulled Pork Recipe



You went with a classic tried & true foil method (butter brown sugar & honey) with a classic South Carolina style mustard BBQ sauce and it looks like they were a real hit!


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Look anazing and I'm sure they taste amazing as well.

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Nice cook, especially since it was your first BBQ cook and on a new pit. Good job and thanks for sharing the sauce recipe.
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