Louisiana grills Owners?

Chip Butrick

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Maybe I am missing you guys but any LG owners out there? Are you happy? I have a built-in LG and can't maintain temps when I smoke. I set it for 225 and after 2 or 3 hours of smoking (perfectly stable temps at 225) I lift the hood to baste (30-45 sec max). Then I get wide swings from 375 to 140 degrees that goes on for 2 hours till I have to take the meat off the grill so I do not burn my BBQ! Any suggestions?
Sear a steak at 600 degrees it is great!!

Chip Butrick

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I have replaced the controller board no fewer that 5 times, including their new "improved" board. I have also replaced the the digital probe. To their credit they keep sending me parts to replace but does not fix the problems. The other LG smokers work fine but the built-in estate grill (I have one of the original built-in they ever built) has been a great grill but a inconsistent smoker. So far have destroyed over $75 worth of meat.
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Well that stinks!

I don't know how many LG owners there are here and even less built-in owners. I know very little about that grill or controller. I have heard good things about their grills and service though.

If they keep replacing parts and it does not fix it I would not be sure of your next move. I guess you would need to look to modifying it with a PID controller(will void your warranty) or demand they repair/replace the defective grill.

Don't like to hear about these kinds of issues. It can shy people away from pellet grills.

Good luck.
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