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I'm going to be trying a pork butt on the Mak overnight and wanted to cook some corn as well. Anyone have a guestimate as to how long corn will take in the 230-250 range if I throw it on while the butt is cooking? I was planning on trying some bacon wrapped corn.


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I dont think your going to do well with bacon wrapped corn at that temp. I would slather with seasoned butter and leave in husks and wrap in tin foil. At 250 probably 90 minutes turning every now and then.
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That temp will work fine. Corn is pretty forgiving as far as temp goes. Sweet corn doesn't have to be cooked at or to any certain temperature. We done it low & slow and hot & Fast.

I'd expect a single layer of bacon at that temp to be done in about 60 - 90 minutes (depending on the exact temp and location in the grill). A Higher temp will also work, you just have to watch and pull it off sooner, so the bacon doesn't burn. Think of it this way, you are actually paying attention to, and cooking the bacon, and the corn is just along for the ride.

Rick's suggestion works really well too. In fact, that's how we roast corn most often, except we don't foil. We just leave it in the husks and the corn steams in the husk & picks up a nice hint of smoke.
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