Mak 1 Star Flipping Breaker!! HELP!!

Hey guys, the last 2 times ive used my Mak 1 Star it flips the breaker. It starts fine. Its ignites fine. Smoke rolls beautifully....then BOOM .....shuts down. I don't know if its a Mak issue or an electrical issue at my house. I have a HUGE cook tonight and am freaking out lol!!! Any input is greatly appreciated



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A quick check would be to run an extension cord to another outlet and another outlet that you know is on a different circuit, to see if you get the same result. That should tell you if you have a problem with the MAK or with that circuit.


Yep, most likely the ignitor rod. The old ignitor rods were like light bulbs; eventually they will burn out.

You should go ahead and upgrade to MAK's newer FlashFire ignitor. It's much faster and should theoretically last the lifetime of your grill.

In the mean time you can still light your MAK manually. Remove the side panel, and fan assembly to unplug the ignitor rod (it's labeled). Replace the fan & side panel, then you can place a handful of pellets in the firepot and light them with a torch or a bit of lighter fluid. Once they're well lit, turn the MAK on (to at least 225 or so) and you're up and running!
Package delivered Makgrills!!!! I installed new FlashFire ignitor today and it works perfectly!! Big Cook this thursday I'm ready.


I can pretty much say with absolute certanty the first time you start it up with the flashfire igniter you'll say holy crap that started fast!!!
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