MAK 2-star running hot


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Hey MAK friends.

I noticed my overnight cooks on my 2012 2-star were getting done a lot faster than I thought they should and started measuring actual temps inside the pit. When I have the pit boss set at 225 the actual temp stays pretty solid at 250+

I cleaned out the ash, scrubbed the thermocouple with steel wool and tried again. Same result. it's consistently 25 degrees higher than set temp. In fact if I want my brisket to cook low and slow at 225 I have to keep the pit set on 'smoke'

Obviously I have compensated for the personality of my particular pit but I was wondering if you all have any ideas what the issue might be, or if I should just shrug and live with it. So far I have been doing the latter, but my problem solving brain keeps wondering...

Thanks for any advice.


First things first... Here's a long overdue welcome to the forum, Steve! :)

...and started measuring actual temps inside the pit. When I have the pit boss set at 225 the actual temp stays pretty solid at 250+

Where did you read the actual temps? The thermocouple is off to the side and is designed to indicate the average overall pit temp, not necessarily the pit temp at grate level.

If you truly think there is a problem, don't hesitate to give MAK a call. They will get you fixed up!

Keep us posted!

P.S. Got any pics of your MAK in use over the past five years you can share with us?


Cliff is spot on. If you're checking the temp at grate level you will find it hotter there than your temp setting. If you have the upper grate as well, try checking your temp there. You will find it 20-25 degrees cooler than at the lower grate level.


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First things first... Here's a long overdue welcome to the forum, Steve! :)

Ha! Thank you! I registered when I got my MAK but have lurked since then. After 5 years of lurking I guess I owe you a pic ;) I'll post a good one as soon as I stop getting upload errors

I was taking temps in the center of the grill around 4 inches off the lower grate. I don't have any proof but it just feels like the MAK has had some 'temperature creep' over 5 (terrific) years of MAK ownership.

I did upgrade my pellet boss software last year- I don't know which rev # I am at, but maybe that was where things changed. Hmmm.

Mostly I was just looking to see if anyone else had similar issues.


For ref: My MAK 2 Star (2014) has always registered 20-25º higher at the grate vs the pellet boss. Even had a conversation with the head of MAK about them providing a calibration method for users to adjust the PB to actual grate temps but in the end they do not want to change, citing safety concerns. Personally I still don't by that, as proper coding in the PB firmware can ensure a safe operation. So, left with no choice, I always adjust the PB by 20º less to compensate.

Matt.... I think that's what most "good" cooks do. They learn their pit and make their own adjustments. Low and slow goes on the upper rack or away from the heat source in my opinion anyway. But, what do I know? I just do this for fun, family and friends.

Happy Cookin'


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Update: I solved the problem in an unconventional way...

After hearing me talk for months about all the cool features MAK has been introducing into their grills my wonderful wife surprised me with a new 2017 model for my birthday. I sold my 2012 to a lucky guy on Craigslist who got a heck of a deal and I am thrilled with the new 2-star General. The new igniter, flame zone and all other incremental improvements are a serious upgrade! Kudos to MAK for continuing to develop their product.

No issues with temp on the new grill, and I suggested to the new owner of my old grill that he send in his pellet boss for a firmware update over the winter...


What an amazing B-Day present, you better hang onto her :)
Congrats on the newest MAK and thanks for noticing all of our hard work over the years to make the best pellet grill even better!
Last but not least tell the wife from all of us here at MAK Grills "thank you for buying an American Made"!
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