MAK 402 would like to know...


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should I remove the pellets after a cook and before I put the cover on. Do the pellets take up humidity over time and start to swell?

Thinking about a pellet storage option after I open a bag (that's not resealable). What do you use to store pellets?




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I leave mine in a keep a cover on the MAK when not in use. No problems yet with humidity or water exposure.


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I keep my unused pellets either in a Kingsford charcoal container (holds 40 pounds, water-tight lid, handle to help lug it around) or in sealed 5 gallon buckets from Homer Depot. Small amounts go in commercial Folgers coffee containers. Most of them are a mix of this and that..


I think that depends on where you live, weather conditions and time of year. Believe me you'll be able to tell.

Just last evening I had problems with some that were left in the hopper. With all the rain we've had lately they'd picked up enough humidity that they were hard to light. I removed & mixed them with some dry ones, refilled the hopper and they were fine.

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If you are using it a lot just leave them in the hopper...if you arent planning on cooking for awhile use that handy pellet release drawer!
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