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How many of the MAK 2 star owners (<2012) have bought the new full flame zone? I have a hard time shelling out 300 when I am not convinced I will get enough use out of it. I like the idea of it going all the way to the edges better because I sometimes over loaded it and had a little go into the bottom causing a nice mess.

I really want to be convinced it is well worth it... :D

Next thing is the meat probes. I have had my 2star about 1.5 years and have 3 probes. 1 works really well, one is flakey but works most of the time and the other one has died. The M2 probe is 80 and the old ones are 25 so I could buy 3 old style ones and hope for the best or only buy one M2 style.

What is the general opinion about the new ones? I am sure they are really good but I need to decide between 1 really good one or 3 hopefully ok ones.

Any thoughts or opinions are welcome!

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I have one, and have not used it yet as I mostly reverse sear my steaks, but if you want ther full flame zone with the cool drop in pan, go for it. Bruce said they got a new probe guy a year or so ago and the less expensive ones are great, which I can attest to.


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had a friend tell me you can't let any water get down in the probe. where the metal is crimped on the wire. Been being very careful and so far my probes work great, I think.


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I have 2 M2 probes which I love. Not nearly as flaky as the standard probes. I also have the full flame zone. I will say this about the flame zone, the temps at grill level seem much higher. If you are cooking 1or 2 steaks at a time a couple of grill grates with the standard pan will do the job. But if you are grilling a load its the only way to go. The big diiffernce i see is with the standard pan I need to set on high. With the flame zone I only need to go to about 375. Hope this helps.


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I have one, and use it for all my grilling - either with twin searing grates (for larger meals), or a single GrillGrate if I am cooking just a steak or two. I never use the covers with it - I use a blank pan if I want to smoke. MAK Daddy can attest to the fact that the full flame zone was something I was requesting from day one. I love it!

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I have one and it really works great. I did 50 sirloins for a party (20 at a time) with great results. I like the way it fits in the MAK, better design than the original. I have uses both probes and now I just use the cheaper ones. They have lasted just as long or longer than the expensuve one at about the third of the cost.
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