MAK Grills Mobile/Grill Control temperature alarms


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I used to get a very annoying, er effective, alarm sound from my computer when my temp probe reached the set temperature (using the Grill Control on the web site). However, I no longer hear the alarm. I get the blinking red visual cues, but not the noise.

I am using Safari on an iMac.

Any thoughts on what to do to get the "lovely" audible alarm back?



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To clarify, I’m using the Wi-Fi option and the MAK Mobile website. When using probes, alarms can be set. The alarms have visual cues, and there used to be an audible cue as well. I liked that, as I am not always looking at the computer screen. I also receive a text message, and that is probably the most useful notification.
Please post what you find out. I really like the WiFi & it’s ease of use. My phone doesn’t beep or anything either. I just noticed something that is my fault. If you look on your MAK mobile in the profile section. There are 2 places for notifications. 1 for a text & 1 for an email. I guess I left mine blank on accident. I’ll have to wait on my next cook to see if that was my problem?? At least check this & maybe you did what I did?? Please post your findings.
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