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The thermocouple (TC) is the device that we use to measure the grills overall temperature and report back to the Pellet Boss controller. It has stainless steel braided sheathing to protect the wire from the heat, the probe itself is stainless steel as well. These types of measuring instruments are used mostly in industrial settings because they are very accurate and stable. We have very few issues with these sensors as they are made for the hot environment of the grill. They can go bad however if the wire is compromised (e.g. caught on fire or pinched/cut etc.). They have a grounded connection so it is important to have your MAK Grill plugged into a properly grounded GFCI outlet for the sensor to read correctly.
Location of the TC in the grill has been tested and proven for many years, it is the best spot to serve these important functions for the grill.
1) Gives the best overall temp reading for the grill, not to close to the heat vents and away from the exhaust vents.
2) It is out of the way of most objects and food that could bend or damage it.
3) The wire is protected the most in this area from the fire in the grill.
Tips: Keep your TC clean of smoke, grease and food by scrubbing the tip with a piece of steel wool or tear off the green part of a sponge and hang on your tool hook for easy access. The top inch should be metal color to read the temperature accurately.
Did you know:
The TC is made in the in the great state of Illinois USA.
We have used the same TC since the very first MAK Grill and it is used in all grill models we manufacture.
We have another configuration of the TC used as the flame sensor in the fire pot of the 3 Star.


Great info again, Bob!

I learned the hard way (years ago) the importance of keeping the Temp Sensor (thermocouple) clean or it can cause a myriad of temperature-related issues.

An easy way I've found to clean it every few cooks is to use a small piece of Brillo or S.O.S steel wool pad dampened with some warm water. The powdered soap on those cuts right through the greasy build-up so you don't have to scrub hard at all. Next, wipe the soap & grease off with a damp paper towel, followed by a dry paper towel. It works like a charm!


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I bought my 2 Star #1109 in 2012 and I'm curious, what is the purpose/benefit of the roaming thermocouple? I was told to "trust my Pellet Boss" for the temp it was reporting and not to go by probes in my cooker. I average about 25 degrees hotter near my meat so I set my PB to compensate. I just got the firmware updated. Can I upgrade to a new Pellet Boss and would that come with a roaming thermocouple or is that only on the new 2 Star?


The purpose is to measure the temperature in a specific spot in the grill vs the overall temp where the sensor is mounted in your grill. You don't need a new controller to use the Roaming TC but you can upgrade if you would like (the main difference is the new K style meat probe jacks). The roaming TC kit comes with a new thermocouple, mounting bracket, drill bit and template.
Give us a call if you need more clarification and any specifics for your model year.
Thanks for being an 8yr loyal MAK Grills customer!
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