MAK Grills Tech Talk


I will be posting tech discussions about various features, accessories, components, Pellet Boss functions etc.
This will give our MAK family some insight into why the MAK does what it does as well as give the opportunity for friendly discussions and ideas on the topics. if a subject comes up that is off topic I will note it and start a new thread for that so we can keep the search for these topics clean. Don't be shy if you have a question on the topic this is a good chance to ask the inventor/designer of MAK Grills :) Yes I know competitors read these too, they already copy most all of our innovations anyway we just make it first and always make it better!
Hope this is informative and helps improve your cooking experience by understanding the MAK Grill better.

Each thread will be named MAK Grills Tech Talk with the topic listed last.

Stay tuned.
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