MAK Halibut

Costco had some beautiful fresh Halibut today, so I bit the bullet an purchased it. Had every intention of doing BP's potato crusted halibut recipe again, but unfortunately I overcooked the potatoes and they fell apart when slicing. Last time I forgot to cook the potatoes, so next time I will split the difference :D.

Cut the 2 lb piece of Halibut into 3 even, long pieces. Seasoned with EVOO and BPS Desert Gold and cooked on the MAK at 400°F:


Pulled at IT of 145°F:


All plated up with some Risotto and Rapini greens (broccoli Rabe):


This was cooked to perfection and really good.

Thanks for looking!
In hindsight I wish I had put a MAK probe or Maverick probe in it. I usually only probe on longer cooks, but the halibut was pretty thick and took longer than expected. I originally thought it would take 10 min, but it wasn't even close to temp (using thermapen). Therefore, I checked every 5 minutes and when cooking at 400 F, you lose temp every time you open the lid. This actually took 20-25 minutes to get to 145F IT. Next time i will use a probe.
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