MAK Hot-Smoked Kielbasa


Chalk up one more point for the MAK 1 Star!!!

Normally I cold-smoke Kielbasa style sausage on the offset then slowly raise the pit temp, but let's see how a hot-smoke on the MAK 1 Star works.

Grind up 10 lbs of fresh pork.

Spices measured.

Stuffing into natural casings.

Onto the MAK in Smoke Mode (170°) with a Black Walnut/Apple combo for more smoke flavor.

All but two pounds was moved to the top rack to act as a buffer so it would heat up more slowly. The two pounds on the bottom was for immediate eating.

Pit temp raised to 225° when the sausage reached 100° & it was flipped/rotated at about 140°.

Pulled at an I.T. 150 - 154° & dunked in cold water.

Cooled overnight in the fridge.

Considering this was strictly a hot-smoke, all in all I'd say I'm pretty happy with the results. I was most concerned about it fatting out, but it was fine. In fact the marbling is better than I'd hoped. The mahogany color might not be quite the deep shade I get from cold-smoking, but it still looks good, and it sure tastes good!

The MAK 1 Star is a great hot-smoker!
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one day I will be there.
Me too! After I'm done doing this contracting stuff I wanna get into making sausages and curing meats. Been doing alot of research on it all.

Getting into sausage making & curing has definitely been rewarding to say the least. The investment in the equipment has more than paid for itself. I love taking raw ingredients and turning them into a product that the whole family (and friends) enjoy.


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How long is the sausage in the 40-140 degree danger zone while on the 170 degree smoker? The Kutas book has raised my awareness and paranoia to a new level.

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