MAK stopped working


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Started a flat this morning and all of the sudden heard nothing from the 2star. Display works but auger and fan are not doing anything.
Changed the fuse, no change.
Emptied the pellets completely
Unplugged and no change
Waited for 45min and then it started again
10 mins later it stopped again

Any ideas. We may be eating out now :(


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open her up and make sure everything is plugged in all the way. wiggle stuff around maybe? auger and fan not working but display is. strange.


Never heard of that happening, if the fuse is blown the fan, igniter and auger will not run but the display will still work.
I would check the spade plugs on the back of your fuse holder to see if it is tight, has to be something with the fuse circuit.
Email me and we will get you squared away on Monday.


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After having a little time to use #400 some more it has not had any more issues.
I talked to Bruce and he was very willing to help, but by that time i took apart the electronics and made sure everything was seated well. Found nothing out of the ordinary.
I have done a few hot cooks and some longer ones with no more issues.
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