MAK2 Pellet Boss On Switch...Just On, No Smoke?


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OK...I went to program the PB for an overnighter and realized that I couldn't figure out how to turn the PB on, without it going straight to Smoke startup. So, once I got the PB programmed, I let the cooker get stable on smoke, then I hit the off button and let it go through the cool down. It would have been easier if I could turn the PB on, without it actually starting up, but I didn't know how to do that.


Sort of funny/interesting as I just had an exchange with MAK via email to support about being able to do just that. Apparently "no dice". You can get to the Service Mode and change the Fan/Auger/Ignite defaults from Auto to "On" or "Off", but that is not what you, nor I, are looking for. We just want the PB turned on not do anything until we pick a Setpoint or initiate a program like you tried. Also, if you change those defaults, they reset to Auto when the unit is unplugged. They are designed for servicing issues, not regular cooking sequences.
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