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Finally got Money and Happy Endings last week, time to put them to the test.

First up, Beef Filets. We like our filets pretty minimal. It took a while to work my wife into trying them with BPS Double Secret, but for the last several times we've settled in on Dbl Secret with a dusting of chili powder and a cayenne/habanero powder.

For this test, some were done as described above and the rest got BPS Money. Balsamic with coffee was used for glue on all.

Cooked at 275 with cherry pellets, flipped at 110, no sear.

Another busy weekend around here so going simple with mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli.

The verdict: We loved Money! As described by someone on the forum earlier, it does have a slightly sweet start with citrus overtones, very interesting! However, it was different for us to have 'sweet', however slight, on a filet. Not complaining! This is an observation about what my wife and I expect. This is more of a tradition thing and not a complaint, we both agreed the flavor was awesome. I did some experimenting with adding a dusting of Happy Endings to the Dbl Secret cooked filets and we both thought it punched it up noticeably. Next time I think I will dust first with Happy Endings, then use Double Secret as usual. I'm looking forward to trying Money on other cuts of beef (where my flavor profile is less rigid) like Tri Tips and Brisket. With every bite I was thinking I've got to try Money on pork!

Did somebody say pork?

I just happen to have a triplet of ribs...more balsamic with coffee and lots o Money!

On to the MAK with Hickory and ~30 minutes of smoke, then 275 for about 2 1/2 hours, I liked the color and decided to do some schmear experimenting...first I enlarged a few photos of other folks schmear and did a chromatic analysis of the pixels to discern the ingredients, (kidding), then I made a liquid version of the kinds of things usually put in foil love. Not sure how it will taste, but I like the way it looks and melts! The one in the back will be sauced with hot wing sauce, so no schmear.

Made some baked beans too..brown sugar, ketchup, (a little Money!), and generous handful of leftover pulled pork. I keep ~5oz size bags of vacuum packed frozen pulled pork for just such occasions.

To be continued...


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Money Report Continued

Got some sauces ready to go. Hot wing sauce for one rack (red hot, butter, cayenne, and Money), some mango-habanero (go figure, mustard is the first ingredient in this sauce) for half of one rack, the other will be just Money and schmear.

And the last rack will be JD BBQ sauce (made the busy person way, simmer favorite sauce with JD).

Yeah, this looks ready for some sauce!

The JD BBQ sauce.

Money & Schmear.

And finally, the hot wing sauce (and baked beans with pulled pork).

And the plated pic...what the? Sigh, had my plate all ready with a Pacifico in the background, went to get the camera, got distracted, came back, ate dinner...just now realized the photo never got taken!

The verdict: I now have a new favorite pork rub, Money is awesome on pork!! (it's pretty good in baked beans too!) Even on the JD BBQ sauced ones I could pick up the extra flavor buzz from the rub. I can't wait to try it on pork butt, and tri tips, and chicken, and I want to play more with Happy Endings too.

BPS has hit a huge home run with Money and Happy Endings. Add in Double Secret, Desert Gold, and the Little Louie's twins and get cooking!

Oh, and the schmear, it was a good as it looks!


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Those are some serious groceries! I like it. It's about lunch time, and now I am starved!



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dude, i'm liken your ribs. i want some. another great cook by our friend rip. reallly nicely done buddy. ya still got it partner. great cook. you haven't made the little cherry pies lately. i miss those little sweetness of goodness (those are real words, i didn't make them up).
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Nice work on those ribs Rip! Everything looks good!
How did ya like the buffalo ribs?

Thanks Chili, I like them a lot, my girls insist I always make at least one rack this way, they always eat them first.

Thanks everybody else for the kind words, I haven't had a lot of time lately to do real involved cooks...I miss it a lot, nothing says living right better than spending most he day cooking Q and having a few cold ones!


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you guys need to thank Matt fro giving you the Schmear!

Thanks Matt! Not sure I was anywhere near VooDoo Schmear, but I do appreciate him sharing with Sparky. I like the concept and results a lot...I have several ideas for things to try in the Schmear.


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I'm trying the buffalo ribs this afternoon!

Great! Let me know what you think. For non foiled I brush on the buffalo sauce the last 30-45 minutes and again after pulling from the smoker (and sometimes again after slicing too!). For foiled, I put the ribs meat side down and pour the sauce in, dbl wrap, tightly. After foil I set at least one or two coats of sauce as well.


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Would you mind sharing your schmear recipe? That looks delicious and you have me seriously interested.

I thought about this overnight and I've decided on the off chance I'm anywhere near Matt's formula, I'm not going to share what I did.

Not trying to start schmear-gate here. Besides Sparky and I, at least three others have posted ribs lately using a "schmear". I think it's a great technique, especially for non-foiled ribs and I want to thank Matt for the idea. As I alluded to in my post, it's basically a liquid version of what you would put in foiled ribs.

BP probably characterized it best in a post from 2/12/12:
"The really an extension of the dabs of butter/brown sugar that Sparky has many of you doing. I am not referring to matt's because I dont know it....

Most comp cooks that foil....and most do...they are going for that color like mats...I beautiful redhead.....use some form of buter/fake butter. Parkay, I cant believe its not butter....clarified name it. Along with that there are many different things people add...seasonings, spices, honey, brown sugar, agave, maple, sauce. When you unwrap there is a ton of sauce/juice."

So, let your imagination run wild...I already have a few ideas to tweak what I did in this cook.


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I understand where you are coming from and I don't want you getting your back end chewed out.

Thanks for at least thinking about it.
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