More People need to enter the contest this week! Tent is the judge


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First Turkey

This was a couple of firsts for me. I haver cooked a whole turkey before and I never tried brining before... so I invited the family over so they could witness epic failure or moderate success. (My family is not convinced of the whole cooking everything on the pellet grill....)

The players: 15lb turkey and made a brine of:

Heated it up so everything blended well then added ice to cool it down and in the turket went for a night soak: (recipe is from the cookbook in the back... :p haha)

16 hours later got the bird out and rinsed. Rubbed the skin with garlic evoo (family does not like bbq flavors much so I did not season any more) Into the MAK for 2 hours on smoke and then 250 until done.
This is at about IT 145. We made some scalloped potatoes to go with it and put them in when there was about 1.5 hours left.



Pulled the turkey at 165 and pumped up the heat to get the potatoes browned.

This was the last pic I was able to take since there was a hungry mob waiting. I used the drippings to make the gravy also. The turkey came out very moist, I only missed the extra seasoning that I would have added if the family was not over. Almost everything went and the leftovers my mom took home I may be converting them yet!
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Pork Rib Roast

I replaced my ignitor rod without a hitch this weekend just in time to cook, thanks again BP and MD!!!! We did a pork rib roast with some sliced fingerlings and parm...I had to add to the menu after our HUGE Buffalo Bills win today and also did a Buffalo Chicken Dip to snack on while dinner was cooking!!

The dip started with some rotisserie chicken, cream cheese, mozz, Franks hot sauce, ranch and then sprinkled with crumbled blu cheese and a drizzle of more hot sauce..



Sliced fingerlings and onion and mixed with evoo, BPDG, LLSGS w/pepp, and some fresh grated parm..


Pork Rib Roast, I made a glaze with mustard and brown sugar and then seasoned it with LLSGS w/pepp and OC's Sweet and Heat..


All onto the MAK at 275


Pulled the dip after about 1.5 hrs


When the pork hit 135 cranked it to 350 and pulled at 148 tented with foil and cooked the fingerlings at 400 for about 15 min to crisp them up..





Came out great....Juicy pork and some great potatoes!!!


Allright! Now begins the grueling task of judging. I can tell you it's going to be very, very close. Look for the results to be posted this evening after I get home from work.

Have a great day everyone!


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This was a great week! Every week it's so cool to see what people bring. This week was especially cool!
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Most of this week's entries seemed to have something in common; Simple ruled!

In fact it was the simplicity that impressed me this week. It was a great reminder that we don't have to get fancy to enjoy great pellet smoked food!

We had:

Sparky: 2 way tri-tips - Straight forward beefy sirloin goodness done right... two different ways! They both looked great.

Smoker Pete: Teriyaki Spatchcock Chicken - I could almost smell the Teriyaki sauce hitting the grill and creating a sweet smoke. Followed up with brined & smoked pork loin chops - YUM!

Susan: Classic Italian Beef Braciole adapted to the grill with homemade sauce.

Deb: Pork Butts, Beans and a Turkey Dinner rolled up into a fattie - :).

Smoker Joe: Donairs with Homemade Pitas. WOW do those look good!!!

Chili Head: Great looking Kabobs, but the star on your stage was those Portobello Pasta Bowls. Makes me miss and wish I could eat mushrooms!

Duke: Possibly the simplest way I've ever seen to do Chicken Cordon Bleu, yet the final product looks as good as any I've ever seen.

Rip: Pretzel Dogs - The ultimate twist on Pigs in a blanket. I think I'll have a plateful of those please!

Roburado: A better-late-than-never afternoon brisket that turned out simply amazing.

Patrick: and his first turkey. If that didn't convert your family, nothing will. ;) Well done!

Buffalo Dan: with Buffalo Chicken Dip and a Pork Rib Roast that was so moist I had to wipe off my computer screen.


OK, down to the business of somehow picking three out of those.

Third place was tough because two dishes nearly tied. The runner up has to be mentioned: Susan's Beef Braciole was rustic and simply executed on the grill. I think the wine soaked pellets were a perfect choice for that cook!

Third Place:
Ok so who got third and why? Pete, those slices of brined, Hickory smoked chops on the cutting board were enough for me. Take another look:

View attachment 869

They stand on their own; perfect color, no sauce, no glaze just a delicious looking reminder of what this is all about. The smoky goodness!

Second Place:
Awww Deb, you know I'm a sucker for a good fattie don't you? That was a whole turkey dinner wrapped up in there. I am impressed with the creativity. :)

First Place:
Drum Roll please...

The Donair meat & sweet garlic sauce were very tasty looking, but wait... what was that? Are you kidding me? Homemade, soft, warm pitas done on the MAK grill by someone who doesn't even consider himself a baker. I am beside myself! Well done Smoker Joe!

Thanks again to Big Poppa for hosting this. It was a real pleasure judging this week's entries!

Chili Head

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Congrats Smoker Joe, Deb and Pete!
Those pita's looked outstanding!
Well done everyone!

Thanks for judging Tenthunter and thanks for the sandbox to play in BP!

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Congrats to the winners! Everyone did a great job this week! Well...they do every week, but this week especially!


Great creativity this week, and a bunch of wonderful cooks! Congrats to all for another outstanding week!
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Congrats to the winners! This was another creative and delicious week. Thanks for judging TH and BP for giving us this opportunity!
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