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Hey everyone! Have some big news in my life to share-- I have decided to take a job with the State of Oregon, so will be moving on from MAK Grills at the end of next week.

I am so so grateful to have gotten connected here on the forum, and it's been an absolute pleasure working with Big Poppa Smokers and the incredible people there over the years. I can't speak highly enough of them.

I have no plans of leaving the forum-- though I will be doing loads of overtime at least over the summer, so posting might be less common, but a girl's still gotta eat! :)

I'm still very happy to talk shop with MAK owners, and would be happy to give insight as I can as a fellow grill owner! It's been a pleasure to help out and give input to this MAK family, and I still consider myself one the of bunch, just in a little different role now!

There's plenty of very knowledgeable MAK owners (as well as MAKDaddy!) on here, but as always, you can contact MAK directly at 503-623-1234 or [email protected] and they'll be happy to help you out with any questions you've got. :)

Cheers, and keep on posting those delicious cooks!!!


Kat, I will miss talking to you at MAK, but I understand. You were a big help to me, too! Thank you, and congratulations.


Kat you will be missed at MAK, but I'm very glad you're sticking around here!


P.S. Bob has Kerrie, but who's gonna keep Bruce & Matt out of trouble? :p
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