My name is Darwin, and I'm a pellet smoker


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Hey everyone. I've been waiting to post here until I could legitimately say I was a pellet smoker. As of about 30 minutes ago I can make that statement truthfully. My Mak 2 arrived today. I just assembled it and it's currently burning itself in. I wasted no time marveling in how shiny new it looks. I'm here to smoke.

Anyway, I got the name Darwin from my USAF buddies about 18 years ago while in flight training. While off duty I performed a feat they deemed worthy of the Darwin award despite the very obvious fact, which I pointed out many times, that I did not die as result of said feat. Anyway, no point in crying over spilled milk. The name stuck and was my callsign throughout my 9 year career. (Google Darwin award if this makes no sense to you)

I currently hail from Charlotte, NC and by day have a corporate type job. By night and weekend all I think about is barbecue. I'm guessing a few of you can relate.;)

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its the best disease in the world...Thanks for supporting Big Poppa Smokers too! It keeps this forum alive!

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Welcome to the forum and MAK family Darwin. Sounds like you're going to fit in just fine with the rest of us addicts. Good luck and good smoking.


Welcome to the forum Darwin, from NE Ohio!

I've been to Charlotte a number of times (I used to live in the Burlington - Greensboro area).
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