My name is Joel and I am soon to be a pellet smoker.


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Just wanted to say howdy.

I learned to BBQ from a friend about 15 years ago, using a Brinkmann All-in-One water smoker for about eight years. Got tired of the massive fuel consumption, poor insulation, cleaning out the ashes several times during a butt or brisket cook, etc. Stepped up to a ceramic cooker, which I enjoyed for the miserly fuel use, great insulation, long cooking times, and flexibility wrt temperature and direct/indirect option. Unfortunately that cooker is falling apart, and I desired more cooking space (area and volume) and a little less fiddling during a smoking session.

I ended up looking at pellet cookers. With BBQ season fully upon us I began to get serious about the search, and when a friend whose opinion I trust ordered a Memphis Pro, I kicked it into high gear. To wrap it up, after ultra-speedy and great pre-sale support from Jessie at Big Poppa Smokers, I have a Memphis Advantage on order (accessories shipped yesterday). Can't wait to get started!

P.S. I gather y'all like photos, so I created a photo album here and uploaded a few. I hope I did it right.
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Cool. More Central Illinois pellet eaters. Chili Head is little bit East of you. I work in Springpatch, but live down the road in Montgomery county.

Chili Head

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Welcome aboard smokeandspice!
I'm in Saint Joseph.. 10 miles east of you.
Congrats on your new smoker.. You're going to love it!

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Welcome aboard, you are going to love that new Memphis, and youre right we do love pictures and we look forward to seeing some from the great cooks coming of that new cooker!


Welcome to the forum. You're goona love it here; lots of great folks.

Great to see more of us mid westerners joining in on the fun!


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Hey Joel, welcome to the forum! You're right, we love pics. Congrats on your Advantage, you'll love it!
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