My name is SisInLaw and I want to be a pellet smoker


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My home is a house but the back yard is diminutive. Think "condo patio." Does anyone have recommendations for a pellet smoker that is small but will still make me happy?


Yes, welcome! Women and pellet grills are dangerously good, just look at Cowgirl!
The MAK 1 Star is:
44 1/2 tall, 37" Long, 23 1/2" Wide. It exhausts out the back so you need to keep it a couple feet away from walls etc.
Have fun with whatever you buy :)


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He bought his censer with the help of friends Camp Chef PG24DLX, they advised the site. My version is large, but there are different systems there, I am sure you will be able to choose a suitable option for yourself. In any case, having smokers of different sizes available is a good thing :)
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