Need a good Wireless Thermometer


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I am in need of a good wireless thermometer. One for meat temp or both (meat / pit temp). I have a ET73 but don't like it. The probes always give me problems. Had 3 new ones ship out already. I would like a good one. ty. :cool:

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Ok I donht know of a reliable two probe...there are always arguments with the Maverick Some swear by them and some swear at them. I will have in stock the new Super Probe for Mavericks that are rated to 712. WE will be the exclusive on these for awhile THe base units are fine it is usually the probe that is the achilles heal.....In the meantime make sure you keep your probes dry as water as well as excessive heat are no good for them


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I had my original wires replaced 4 years ago with the 6 footer and have never had another problem. I run the hot water over the lines and wipe down after each cook they're used without any problems.
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