Need some top sirloin advice/tips


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Hey everybody! I've got a big hunk of beautiful wagyu sirlion ( that I'm cooking this weekend. I'm not sure if I should cook it low and slow like a roast or slice it up into steaks and sear them or a combination of both or what? I've recruited a small army of Californians to come over and eat it with me while we all cheer for my Michigan State Spartans (Big Ten championship game) so I don't want to let anyone down. Any tips/tricks/advice?

You all helped me hit a grand slam with the brisket so my ears are wide open!

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It is a big hunk! what cooker are you using?

I like to either reverse sear it or t rex it which is to sear first and smoke home!


For top & bottom sirloins I really like thick cut steaks reverse seared. Smoked low & slow to about 10° below the finish temp then sear at the end about 2 - 3 minutes per side.

I learned that technique from this forum. The flavor and juiciness is unbelievable.
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