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Wanted to say hello, and introduce myself. I got my MAK 2 star about a month ago. I was using a Primo for the last 3 years but found long cooks took up too much of my time. Which meant I did not get as much rest or work done on weekends as I should have gotten. Did the research on pellet grills for close to 6 months. Narrowed it down to the MAK 2 star and finally pulled the trigger. Ordered it thru Big Poppa Smokers and 1 1/2 weeks later had the 2 star. I have not used my Primo since i got the MAK. The Primo is looking pretty dusty now. The MAK 2 star really does everything that I wanted and more. In hindsight wish I would have got the MAK, 3 years ago instead of the Primo. But at the time pellet grills were not on my radar. I look forward to adding some content to the site, as I learn more and do more cooks on the MAK.

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Congrats! You mentioned that you wish you would’ve bought 3 years ago... IMO, the recent improvements to the 2 Star should make you happy you waited a bit :)

I used to cook on ceramics as well. Had several Kamado Joe’s. Don’t miss them one
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