New MAK 2 on it's way

okiesmokie mike

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Heard from UPS my new MAK 2 will be delivered this Friday, so I'll have it for the holiday weekend;););):) So the question today, after installation, checking out temp's, smokin some bacon, any suggestions to any other thing to do.....before cooking?


If you consider the first burn in as part of the installation, then no, that about covers it! Make yourself a BLT and start cookin and taking lots of pics of your cooks to show off! If there are no pics, it never happened. :)

Welcome to the MAK family Mike!!


You might want to decide if you want to foil the drip pan or not depending on how "clean" you want to keep it. I did not do it to mine and read about it afterwards. I now wish I started out that way and could later decide to abandon it or not. I'm sure some of the others here will chime in with their thoughts.

Enjoy that new grill. You're gonna be eating mighty good!
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