New Pellet Head (Char Griller)


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Hello all, My name is Steve.
I purchased a pellet smoker last night. Set it up right away. The gasket for the stack was trashed. I used silicone (High Temp) to seal it. Seasoned it this morning. Going to put some steaks on it tonight. Probably some pork chops as well. I'm really excited about the smoker. Years ago I owned an offset smoker. I really liked it. Lately, I've been using a little Brinkman electric R2D2 smoker. Average results for me.

I've been doing a lot of research and have concluded that there are a great many ways to smoke meats. Awesome because I get to experiment.

Again, Hello



You are so correct Steve about there being multiple paths to wonderfully smoked meats. Experiment away and please tell us what does and doesn't work for you! Pics are very much appreciated here on!
Welcome to the discussions!
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