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Hello everyone, my name is Nick. I’m in south eastern Michigan north of Detroit.
I have been smoking on my masterbuilt electric smoker for a few years now and have become very good with it.
I just purchased a camp chef dlx and used it on Sunday. It did not go well. My ribs turned into jerky. Not sure what happened but I followed my normal method of 2-2-1 at 225. I used a mix of traeger brand pellets, apple and hickory. My initial thought is that the temperature inside the grill is not what was being shown on the digital control. So I just purchased a digital thermometer and will check that out this weekend.
Any initial thought or additional help because I am super frustrated!!!!


Yup, verifying grate temps would be the first thing to check. Suggest you first validate your digital with boiling water and then with iced water to understand its own accuracy before proceeding.


I would buy a couple rolls of that raw bisquit dough and place them all over the grate so you can see where the hot spots are.
Also, I cook my ribs at 275 and if I foil it's after about 3 hours not wrapped then only wrap for about 30 minutes or so until they are tender. If I don't foil they cook for a little over 4 hours and I only use spares cut to St Louis style.
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