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My name is tyback and I am a pellet smoker. Been looking at pellet smokers since I ran into a traeger salesman at the state fair. Almost pulled the trigger there but I'm not one to spend money on a whim. Especially at a state fair! One day I ran onto a smoke hollow pellet smoker at SAM's club that someone had returned. You could still see the pellet dust in it but the sticker said it wouldn't fire up. So I talked them into letting me plug it in and sure enough it wouldn't get hot. The markdown was only $100 ($399 original). So I passed. That was Saturday . I called the manufacturer on Monday and acted like I had bought it and it wouldn't fire. They told me to check the wires for a lose wire and if that wasn't the case they'd send me a new control module. So I called Sam's and they had sold it...that was about 3 months ago.

So I'm heartbroken over it because I could've had a $400 smoker for 1/4th the price. Yes I realize smoke hollow isn't great, but it's better than nothing.

I then stop in at Sam's a couple weeks ago and low and behold, anothe smoke hollow pellet smoker had been returned. This one had never had any pellets in it or if it did, they cleaned it up well. Sticker said $125 will not fire. So this time I buy it, bring it home and guess will not fire! :( I called outdoor leisure products and the lady was really awesome. She walked me through the wiring and determined I needed a new controller. A week later, a new one shows up at my door and today I'm running my first smoke in it right now!

Again, I realize a smoke hollow isn't the best but people smoke stuff in clay pots! I'm just happy to have it. So far the thermostst is a little off but I can live with that. I'm looking forward to many good meals off of it and I thank God for blessing me with a good deal on it.


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Well the chicken was great. It melted in your mouth literally. Sorry no pictures. The little smoker worked great!

Now I'm looking for some super bowl ideas. Not a big crowd but I wanna smoke a few things. What are your suggestions?


Ribs are always great for superbowl. Pulled pork sliders, brisket sliders, fattie. Lots of options. Smoked ABTs for appetizers, pig candy. Do a search for super bowl and you'll pull down lots of threads on the subject.
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