Newbie Pellet Smoker here with simple for you question


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I own Webers, offsets, insulated vaults and barrels.
This is my first pellet smoker. I got a smaller Traeger at the Texas State Fair last week with a good deal.
So, I am following directions and seasoned it today. I let the pellets burn all the way until they are only in the auger.

My question. Should I make the effort to rid the auger of pellets? It supposed to rain for two days starting tomorrow. The Traeger has its' cover on it, but I am worried that the pellet swelling will jam the auger.
I have not been able to find out if this is a real problem or should I not worry about it. Getting them out of the auger would appear to be a pain.

Please advise.

I also have both type of A-Maz-In Smokers, the tubes and a pellet tray. From what I hear, the tray won't work on a pellet smoker. I would like to know why. If it is an oxygen issue, how does the tube function when the tray will not, even with the same volume of pellets in them. All your wisdom will be appreciated.

Thank you


If you are concerned about pellets in the auger, can't you simply continue to run the smoker until the firepot gets starved for pellets ie auger stops feeding them in? A bit unsure of the physics involved but I can verify the tube does work better than the tray in my MAK. I have been able to make the tray work by slipping in a nickel to stop the top from completely closing. Don't know if that is an option with your Traeger.


On the Traeger, I do not think they kept the manual feed option on their controllers (or if they even had that - it is an option on some other brands). The only way I can see to empty the auger is to run it on HIGH (continuous feed) until it runs out as mcshlotz suggests. Do you believe the rain will be so torrential that the cover will not protect it? Normally, the cover should be sufficient.


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The rain is going to be strong, but I was thinking that just the humidity might make the pellets swell. I suppose I will find out.


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We never tried to empty the auger on our old Traeger that we had for over 10 years. Never had a problem with the auger jamming.


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I live in the PNW, where it rains virtually all winter. I've never drained my MAK of pellets. It's sat unused for weeks at a time. It's outside, covered and tucked underneath the roof overhang.
I live in Northern California and have owned a MAK smoker for 8 years. I have only had the auger freeze up due to pellets getting moisture one time. I don’t usually cover. I have extremely high winds where I am (70+ mph). My thoughts are you should make sure you are air tight and you will be fine. Cover adds extra protection. Best of luck!


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you got Traeger? I am still between charcoal and pellet? These guys offer Webers and Kamados, and these - Camp Chef and Traeger pellets . And I still can't make a decision. I like the flavor of charcoal. The onlu thing that I'm worried. All pellet smokers are built for smoking. That's what they're good at. Sorry for offtopic. All I want to know is are you happy with your Traeger?
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