Oh RIp? You ready to judge? This weeks contest 9-9


Kona Filet, Garlic Spuds, Cukes & Cream

I haven't purchased beef in such a long time I'm guessing it was about a year ago. So I went ahead an picked up a whole tenderloin to have fillets. I happened to just open a fresh bag of Kona coffee the day prior and thought to myself 'bingo' I know whats for dinner... Away we go.

I prepped the fillets with a lite brushing of EVOO, then a light dusting of DSSR and the Kona coffee. Let that sit for an hour before cooking. Onto the grill.


In the morning I prepped a side dish of fresh cucumbers & sliced onions in a dilled vinegar cream. Let that sit for 8 hours and meld together. During my lunchtime cook, I roasted some garlic (using the foil method) to have ready for garlic mashed potatoes. This all came together and looked like this:


And a close up of the steak


I have to admit it turned out better than the picture. Shouldn't have used the white plate for the white foods! Anyways, the steak turned out awesome. Very juicy and flavorful. Cooked to 140 IT and rested for about 8 minutes, perfecto. Of course garlic mashed taters with chives is always a winner. It did not let down. The cukes & onions were a nice cool side to lighten up you palate in between bites of filet and spuds. Glad it still feels like summer here.


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Breakfast Smoke..

Some of MrsSTC's relatives flew in for the week. We did the standard St Louis things on Saturday, and they all trooped back to our house late Saturday night to spend the night.

Breakfast time... I got up early, brewed some Cafe Du Monde coffee, and fired the Traeger.


Grands biscuits and Burgers' bacon - on we go at 350°.


Bacon and Biscuits are done.



Weber warming oven.


Sausage patty time.


Along with some skillet (left over) potatoes.


The Pig Mug trying to keep up with the Traeger..


Sausage is done.


Spuds are ready.




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Shepherds Pie with Gruyere Popovers

One of my favorites, haven't made in quite awhile...The popovers where a new try...Saw a popover tray at Williams Sonoma and I thought a cupcake tin would work just as well.... Made the SP with turkey to make the wife happy...It really comes out great that way...

Started with all the usual ingredients, at least that I use, made the meat mixture and let simmer for a bit...Potatoes where yukon golds mashed with cream, butter, fresh parm and a couple egg yolks...Meat mixture was turkey, grated onion and carrot, red wine, chicken broth, worsterchesire, tomato paste, thyme, rosemary, garlic and some more fresh parm...





Popovers where just warm milk, 3 eggs and some sifted flour and salt mixed up and into the cupcake tins and topped with fresh gruyere cheese...


Those went on the MAK first at 400 after 15min spun them around and then put on the Pies and let them go for about another 30min..






Excellent meal!! The popovers where a great surprise...Very light and puffy and a ton of gruyere taste....Ill be doing these more often!!


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This Week's Results

FLBentRider - Beef Burgundy (Merlot)
Great Stuff FLB! The mushroom gravy looks awesome!

Chili Head - Chicken Chowder in Bread Bowls
Wowzers! This cook is the whole package...and it all looks fabulous!

Patrick_CT - Moose, Stuffed Jalapenos, potatoes, and peanuts
Moose? Moose! It all looks great! Nice cook.

Duke - Fattie
Looks wonderful to me! Nice fattie Duke.

Smoker Pete - BD Pulled Pork
That’s some pretty tasty looking pork there Pete!

Susan - Basic Bacon Cheeseburg
Basic? Basically awesome looking!

Sparky - 49er fattie
Great looking fattie, love the potatoes o’brien and ham!

383InTheD - Kona Filet, Garlic Spuds, Cukes & Cream
I like the coffee twists folks have done lately, going to have to give this a try!

Squirtthecat - Breakfast Smoke
Biscuits, bacon, spuds, sausage, and eggs! Oh my, I’m hungry now!

bflodan - Shepards Pie with Gruyere Popovers
Great looking pie, loved the popovers!

As usual, there weren’t any entries that didn’t make me wish I’d been invited!

Without any further ado lets get on with the highly subjective judging:

1st Place $25 - Chili Head - Chicken Chowder in Bread Bowls
Great cook Chili, a real Tour de Force!

2nd Place $15 - bflodan - Shepards Pie
The pie looked awesome, but I really wanted a Popover!

3rd Place $10 - Sparky - Fattie
Great looking fattie Spark, it pegged the IWantIt-o-meter!

Boldest Cook $10 - Patrick_CT
Moose, who cooks Moose? Patrick does, and it looked great!

Everybody else $5 :cool:

Thanks BP!
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Thanks Rip. I did not even see the boldest cook until you replied.. picked a good week to try something strange (and a bad week to stop sniffing glue ;) (any airplane fans out there)

You guys made some awesome food this week. I have to add to the list the apple turnover things and the beef Merlot. Congrats!!!

Thanks BP for letting us do this every week.


I feel like I'm catching up to what was posted this weekend (I was super busy and didn't get to cook at all).

Everything looks great. Congrats to everyone!

Here is my fattie entry... This might not be the most creative meat to prepare, however for me this is progressing and moving out of the typical BBQ'ing.

You can't go wrong with that! Enjoy the journey. :)


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FLBentRider - At what temperature did you pull the Tip to let rest? I'm looking to try a Tip for the first time and I'm not sure what a good target temp should be. This looks like a keeper!


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Wow. There were some really great cooks this weekend. Congrats to all the winners and everyone. I'm loving the breakfasts that have been showing up. And the SP! Awesome! Not to mention the moose! I've made some killer moose stews and moose pot roasts in the dead of winter but never thought of doing it on the Weber. Thanks again for furthering my education :)


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FLBentRider - At what temperature did you pull the Tip to let rest? I'm looking to try a Tip for the first time and I'm not sure what a good target temp should be. This looks like a keeper!

To be honest I didn't take the temp after the boating. It was probably in the 180's, I could have let it go longer, but it was serving time. I had a time crunch a little since I didn't get up as early as I planned...

Chili Head

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Wow Rip I am humbled bud. I was hoping to be in the top three but I didn't think I was going to get top honors.
Thank you much!

Well done bflodan! That shepards pie looked outstanding!

Sparky.. well done sir! All those flavors in that fattie had to be good!

Patrick as soon as I saw that moose roast I knew you were in the money! I've never tried moose but that roast you cooked..dood! Looked awesome!

Well done everyone else! I love seeing what we all come up with every week!

Thanks Rip for judging!
Thank you BP for your generosity!

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Wow Chili - you silently emerge from the smoke to win your only First Place calls in 2 of the last 3 weeks. Way to turn it up!


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Honestly now. You have to BUY a good cookbook to get recipes and pictures of how things should taste/look to find wonderful ways to prepare food like we have here. IN JUST THIS THREAD. I'm so happy to have taught Big Poppa all he knows about smoking.
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