OK Lets blow the doors of this weeks contest!


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Tator Tots and grilled ham and turkey melts

Wasn't sure what to make so I looked in the fridge and seen some ham and turkey lunch meat... thinking some kind of melt on the Yoder would be the plan.

Started with some tator tots seasoned with my own rub - we are calling it Tatonka Dust. The plan is to market this stuff very shortly....

Buttered some bread and sprinkled some Mad Hunky seasoning on it.... onto the Yoder they went.

Here was the fixings.... ham, peppered turkey, some red onions, cheddar and swiss cheese.

On the Yoder....


Plated up with the Tator Tots!! VERY GOOD!!



Money Prime Rib

Wife accused me of being a "freezer hoarder" this weekend and said that we need to start using what we have on hand. So I dove into the old icebox and saw we had a nice chunk of beef left over from the holidays, so here we go:

Seasoned it up with Money


Onto the MAK for an hour on high and then down to 275 until an IT of 135 is hit, the pellet boss handled everything.


I love my MAK while the pellet boss is taking care of business I can enjoy hanging out in the yard enjoying a nice spring day with a homemade brew..........


Meats all done and ready to head inside for a little rest.


Found some of these in the freezer as well so I tossed one on the MAK for myself to cook while the meat rests.


Dinner is served, prime rib, baked tater, salad, and a nice crab leg (we need bigger plates!)



This came out great, so far Money has not disappointed, it is wonderful on beef!


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ok here goes...... it was a long week and comfort food and melty cheese got high marks with me this week although there wasn't a single plate that I wouldn't have liked to eat

3rd - bflodan - Money rubbed chicken, artichokes and duckfat potatoes - love the money rubbed chicken, and duckfat potatoes -wow

2nd Tatonka - Grilled Ham & Cheese w tater tots -- melty cheese got me, I never buy tater tots much to my husbands dismay but I might have to try them on the grill.

1st - Chili Head's Pulled Pork & Black bean enchiladas, abt's and chocolate cobbler - I looked at this entry before breakfast yesterday and thought about it all day, the enchiladas inspired my dinner, the abts looked perfect and finishing it off with chocolate cobbler - oh yeah


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Congrats bflodan and Chili!! Thanks Deb and BP!!

I need to stop checking out this site in the mornings...now I am hungry!


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Stuck in Bandon Oregon this last weekend so no cooking for me. Have to work Sat and Sun this weekend so no cooking for me. I want to smoke something!!
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