OK Off to a flying start...Any suggestions?

Big Poppa

Tomorrow will be one week online and we will nearly hit 1,000 posts.

As I said in the first thread this is a blank canvas. Anything that you would like to see more of....did we miss anything?

Thank you to all who have jumped on board and Keep on Smokin!


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very cool we have a new forum. party at big poppa's house. free fogmats for all. ya. and the ppl cheered....lol.


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Only thing I can think of is maybe an "off-topic" non-pellet smoking general area. I hate having too many different sub-forums to check but it might be good to have more generalized threads somewhere else.


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thats this part....its the lounge

Sounds good to me. I just noticed under the description of this sub-forum it says "Talk or share anything pellet related." so I was thinking maybe one for those non-pellet related items was in order. But the lounge is a good spot for all of it.
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