Our season so far...

JD McGee

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Sorry I haven't been posting much here...crazy busy with work, comps, charity events, and life! :cool: Rhana and I are in the midst of 11 comps in a row (#8 this weekend) in Juarez Canyon, OR. So far we have cooked 13 events (PNWBA & KCBS) and have taken 3 GC's, 7 RGC's, 2 4th's, and 1 7th place finishes. We are currently in 2nd place (4 pts. behind the leader) in the PNWBA T.O.Y race...no other teams are even close...so we will be cooking head to head with the leader until the season is over. :p

We have 4 out of 8 bungs in the Washington State Barrel for the 2014 Jack Draw...fingers crossed! :eek:

The West Coast Offense is alive and well in the Pacific Northwest...thank you Sterling and Steph!

Time to get back to work...

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