Pellet Grill Lid Seal Mod


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A buddy of mine got a container load of these Traeger Texas "Clones".
It was an inexpensive way for me to get into pellet smoking, but I'm already looking to upgrade to a better quality smoker.

I noticed the lid leaked a lot of smoke, and if you're leaking smoke, you're leaking heat too.

I headed to my local Menards, and got some Rope Gasket Door Seal for a wood stove, and some High Temp Silicone. DO NOT use the adhesive that comes with the rope gasket!!! This adhesive is water soluble, and will quickly crack and the gasket will fall off.

It's a pretty simple, inexpensive and effective mod.
The results were great!
Better temp control, and more smoke stays in the smoker.

Thanks for Looking!


Clean the lid with a good degreaser, and then use Acetone to clean off any remaining residue.


Tape off areas where the seal will touch the smoker, so the silicone won't stick.
Close the lid, and hold it down with a strap for a few hours, until the silicone cures.


I did a similar mod to my Horizontal Offset smoker a few years ago and wow what a difference it made, especially in windy weather.
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