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Pellet reviews


New member
Anyone here done, or come across reviews of pellet brands on the market. You might be familiar with The Naked Whiz database of charcoal, was hoping something like this has been done with pellets.
I think it’s just trial & error for what you like. Some people like lumberjack, others BBQers delight, bear mountain & cooking pellets. I think those are the most consistent brands.


+1 on those brands. I use Lumberjack for 100% Oak. I use CookinPellets.com for their Perfect Mix. And I use Camp Chef's 100% Cherry and 100% Apple.


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Hi there , recently bought a pellet smoker and am starting from scratch , can anyone here HELP me by giving me a list of everything i will need to order to start smoking hams and bacons by injecting ??? i mean everything except the smoker , so if i was to start curing, injecting and smoking tomorrow what i will need ????


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I used Weber genesis pellet and that i need to say that they're good and slot in your budget. I even have one among the newest models. Sometimes i'm going to bed and take a nap. I set an alarm thereon and it rings when its to be refilled or my steaks are ready
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