Pepper Jelly & Baby Backs


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A question to the experts. As a little background, I do a lot of baby backs and always use the following technique: Apply glue, typically olive or grape seed oil, followed by a generous amount of rub. Place on preheated 2 Star at 250 for about 2hrs 45 minutes, then wrap in foil with schmear, place back on grill meat side down for ~45 minutes (until the toothpick test is good). Then remove, vent, and eat, or FTC.

Ok, I have never used any bbq sauce during a cook, or any type of glaze. I really want to try some fruity jalapeno jellies during a cook. Sounds like it will be fantastic. My question(s): At which point do I apply the jelly? Do I bother foiling at all? My thinking is to foil, but omit the schmear, but at the tail end of the cook remove from foil, apply jelly and place back on grill for 10-15. Thoughts? Any and all advice will be much appreciated.


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I would short your foil time a bit and apply at the end. Then give it ten minutes or so to tighten up on the Mak. Should be good.


Oooh, I wanna see pics of this cook. Pepper jelly is good on ribs!

You can try an easy glaze by heating some pepper jelly in a pan with a just bit of vinegar.

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After your bbs are ready to come out of the foil, do as Tent has suggested and apply to ribs evenly and than back on the MAK to set and tighten the ribs up. Not only will you have a tasty rib, they will look like a pic out of a mag. Good luck and good smoking.


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Here's a slightly different approachj that worked out very well. I recently cooked some BBs and kept them dry the whole time. As soon as I brought them in the house I spooned some apricot preserves over the ribs and let it "melt" across the ribs. This worked out really well.

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