Pit Boss 700fb + Pellet Pro PID + Traeger lid seal.....good combo?


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I want to get into pellet grilling and have looked at MANY makes, models etc....Thinking about getting the Pit Boss 700fb, changing their controller for a Pellet Pro PID and adding a Traeger lid gasket....please let me know what ya'll think before I pull the trigger on this...thanks


Pit Boss pellet grills are considered Dansen's entry level line. They are made for Danson in China.

It has a limited 1 year warranty:
From the Owner's Manual: "The “Pit Boss” wood pellet barbecue line, manufactured by Dansons Inc., carries a one (1) year limited warranty for from the date of sale to the original owner only, against defects and workmanship on all steel parts, (excluding the burn pot), and one (1) year on electrical components. There is no specific warranty on the paint, burn pot, flame deflector, grill cover and all gaskets or against damage caused from corrosion."

Pit Boss pellet grills get mixed reviews from guys who buy them. Some guys love them (especially for the price point) and some guys sell them rather quickly and upgrade to a better grill.

They are known for wild temp swings (especially at the lower end). Will the Pellet Pro PID controller and gasket fix this? Probably, but it may also affect/void your warranty. It might be wise to check with Dansen/Pit Boss first before making those mods.

Will it make a good grill for you? Possibly. The controller & gasket mods will add about $200 to your cost, so you will realistically be into it about $600 - $640. Only you can decide if that price & grill fits your budget and needs, or will you be better off putting that money towards a top-o-the-line grill like a MAK.

I have a friend who bought a Pit Boss 700FB about eight months ago. In all honesty he liked the grill just fine - he feels it gave him a good taste of pellet smoking/grilling at an entry-level price. He's now decided to upgrade and is awaiting arrival on a new MAK 2 Star.

Hope this was helpful, and whatever you decide, be sure to stick around and join in!


Thanks for the info TH. Also looking at the Pellet Pro 700. Any thoughts on it?

They seem to be a decent build, for the price point, but I don't know of anyone who's gotten one, so I honestly have no idea how well they actually perform, hold up, etc.

A few questions you should ask yourself: What kind of performance and options do I want from a pellet Grill? How long do I want to keep this grill? What kind of customer service do I want AFTER the purchase? Is Made in USA important to me?

These are all valid questions and will help you determine what price point versus quality & performance will fit your budget, needs and expectations.

One thing I know for sure is there's no free lunch! There are reasons the cheaper grills are priced where they are, versus the mid range grills, versus top of the line.

For example: One of the many reasons MAK grills cost more is in the quality & gauge of metals. Where other manufacturers are using cheaper and/or thinner stainless & mild steel, MAK uses 304 grade Stainless and Aluminized Steel. Even the screws are machined stainless steel. That kind of quality costs a few more pennies.

Include MAK in your research (Big Poppa Smokers can answer all your questions), then weigh all the variables, and decide what's best for your expectations and budget.


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I'm fairly happy with my PB 700FB and have been kicking around upgrading to the Pellet Pro PID - not as much because the temp swings bug me, but more because any time you adjust the temp on the PB (even down), it automatically feeds pellets for four minutes causing a huge heat spike. I can deal with this by upening the lid, but it is still annoying. With regard to the seal, I don't think that would really do much for you. The 700FB is vented through a number of holes going the lenght of the barrel on the top rear, not through a chimney. So, I don't think additinal sealing would do you any good. Let me know what you did, since I'm always up for mods. Thanks!
I think I’m going to wait around & see some real world reviews of the new Weber Smoke Fire. It seems to be close to the MAK but not as expensive. If the MAK had over the flame grilling as an option, it would appeal to me more for the price point. I like the MAK controller & the new shelving options. I think the all of the pellet grills that reach the higher temps now are being able to sear. Over the flame would be a nice addition.
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