Pizza question

Just wondering what type of pizza pan you use when making pizza in your grills? I see solid pans & pans with holes in them. Any suggestions on what type of pan works best? Cast iron, stainless, aluminum?


I think what would be best is a pizza stone or steel placed in the grill and allowed to preheat before placing the pizza directly on it. Having said that, I get pizza from Papa Murphy's and throw then on the grates in the paper pan and it works fine. The paper tray does get a little black, especially on the back edge, but they haven't caught fire yet. Papa Murphy's is now promoting cooking them on pellet grills (and other types) and recommends rotating them every 5 minutes. This would probably take care of my blackened edges. They do taste better "wood fired."


It depends on the type of crust you want.

For thin and crispy pizza, you can't beat a preheated pizza stone/steel.

However, for a thicker pan-style crust definitely go with a pan, as it allows the thicker crust to bake a little slower and more evenly without burning.

We have a couple of aluminum non-stick pizza pans that we use, but in all honesty, we've also used just a regular cast iron skillet, which works extremely well for pan-style or deep dish. So if you're looking for pans, cast iron would get my vote.
Thanks Cliff and BBQJUDGE. I appreciate the help. The kids are wanting to cooks some pizza on the grill. So I will pick up a couple cast iron ones.

Thanks Again!!
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