Pork Shoulder x2 on the uppde racks


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Had a good time cooking for my neighbor's St Patty's Day party this weekend. Friday I cooked 6 lbs of pulled chuck roast and today I cooked 17 lbs of pork shoulder.

For the first half hour of the party I had random folks hunting me down asking, "Are you the guy that made that chuck roast?" followed by many questions on how said chuck roast was made. After that the chuck ran out and it became folks hunting me down to ask me "Are you the guy that made that awesome pulled pork?"... and how I made it.

Alright enough self accolades, onto the pics!

Rubbed the night prior in Memphis Dust except I replaced a 1/4 cup of the paprika with ancho chile powder.

This is what they looked like after overnight sit in the fridge

On the Mak upper racks with water pan below

Smoke on the Mak at 225F until they hit about 155, then crutched with a few ounce of lager (Heineken was used as a buddy had left some in my beer fridge."

Cooked at 275 until they hit 203 internal, lowered temp of cooker to 200 so the meat would continue to cook with a constant IT in the 203-205 range.
Once tender, took the meat off and pulled. This is their appearance right before I pulled them

Smoke ring shot

The "Wow that's a lot of pulled pork shot"

Close up texture shot

This method turns out REALLY good pork, but I welcome any techniques you guys may have that would improve the result. Thanks for looking!
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Here's something to at least try:

Try foiling with just a little braising liquid when they hit around the 150-160 range, and bump the temp up to around 300°. Instead of the juices & moisture just evaporating the foil will catch them and you can then mix some of these juices back into the meat after you pull it and it will it explode with flavor.

For braising liquid I like mixing about 1/4 cup each: Kentucky Bourbon, Cider vinegar & brown sugar.
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