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Want to do a Rib roast this weekend. It probably will not be Prime, but more like Top Choice. I have done them a few times on my Weber gasser but I have not attempted one on the pellet smoker. In the past I have rubbed them with Montreal Steak seasoning let it sit overnight. Warmed it to room temp and then on on the grill. Browned over high heat for 20 minutes and then roasted indirectly at 325 to an IT of 125. Rested 20 minutes and then served. Any thoughts, tips or tricks would be appreciated.

Thanks :)

Big Poppa

I only do them on a pellet grill...

There are many ways but basically you have a hard time messing up.

With your mak pre program it to run at high for one hour, then ramp down to 250 until it hits about 125

You can also smoke at 250 until it hits 125 and reverse sear it too.

Or a nice way is to put it in at 250 and let it go until you hit the temp you want. It doesnt have the bark but has a deep rich smoky goodness.

On the subject of internal temp I believe that an ending tem of 135-135 is good others like more well done. You can always smoke a slice for those people
THe classic instructions for reverse sear is if youwant it to end at 130 you pull at 115. I dont subscribe to that. If I want it 130 i pull it and rest while the cooker heats up and go for two minutes a side or more until it hits the 5 degree bump. I am looking for consistency in color bumper to bumper

I also do no season meat with heavy salt overnight. Thats just me.....A couple of hours is fine.

Also I believe that the most important thing is resting before carving.

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Thanks for the tips BP, will give this a shot and see what happens. Looking forward to a nice slab of meat, horseradish, au jus, and a fat baked potato.


I do it like BP with the MAK program on high then ramped down until finished. We go to 145 at times. This hunk will continue to cook. I have taken them off at 125 and put them in the Cambro/ice chest. The temp will climb and stabilize.


Third that, but I only run mine for 45 minutes on high then ramped down, LOVE PRIME RIB!!!
I like a peppercorn rub and garlic wedges inside, I pull at 130 (like it more done) :)
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