PTSD Contest. 12-2-11 COntest!

Big Poppa

PTSD is post thanksgiving stress cant believe that thanksgiving is over and you had to deal with black friday, cyber monday...and you still havent scratched the surface with your shopping

First place $25.00 Store Credit to Big Poppa Smokers
Second Place $15.00 Store credit to Big Poppa Smokers
Third Place $10 Store Credit to Big Poppa Smokers

Everybody else gets five bucks store credit!


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Cuban sandwich (my way)

Last night I put a pork butt into a bag with some mojo marinade and a few clementines.

This morning drained and into the pellet grill with another pork butt that just had some Plowboys yardbird on it.

While that was cooking I made some cuban bread...

almost done

out of the smoker

sliced a loaf in half, havarti cheese on the top and bottom, ham , pulled pork and pickles (I couldn't decide which type I wanted)

onto the griddle, cast iron frying pan and gallon of water on top

a view of the cut sandwich


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A Little Butt

It was a cold windy day here in the desert so I thought Id just throw a Butt on and forget about it..630am split a 9lb Butt in half.... A little CT and some 3 eyz..


On the MAK for 10hrs then a little foil love for about an hr..



Threw some beans and some Trader Joes mac and cheese balls on the MAK and plated up with the Sandwiches....Made some homeade slaw to top with..



Very easy meal and still one one of the best!!! I also love all the leftovers!!


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A three-butt race on the Traeger

Back story: MrsSTC's Mom is staying with us for a while, so I've been cooking up a storm in the back yard keeping the fridge stocked.

Scanning the Sunday Paper, I see pork butts are on sale (sort of - $1.39/lb) this week. So I grabbed one Wednesday and put it in the freezer. Got 2 more Friday on the way home, and decided to do a little experiment.

It's widely known that the right side of the Traeger runs hotter than the left. So I put the 9 pound frozen solid butt over there, and the 2 8 pound refrigerated butts on the left. Rubbed with Sorghum Molasses and some Dumpster Rub. Sorry, no prep pictures, it was dark & cold and I had my hands full.

By the way.. Sorghum turns to an industrial adhesive at temperatures below 40° :eek:

Filled the hopper, set the controller to 225° (more like 250° on that right side) and called it a night.

Flash forward 11.5 hours..


Frozen butt on the right is at 190°. Left rear is 191° and left front is 189°.

We'll give them another 45 minutes or so to reach 195+° and declare the 'winner'.. It's looking to be a photo finish.


And... It's a tie. :cool:

I went out at 9AM (roughly 12.5 hours in) and all three were at 199-200°.

Into the F, waiting for some TC love..


Got some nice color.


And into my Nebraskan Cambro for a few hours.





13-14 pounds in the fridge.


Pulled some out and loaded in the crock pot.


Some friends of ours came over to keep MIL company while we went to my Corporate Christmas party, so we fixed a little buffet line for them. Not pictured: Salami, cheese, Blazin' Pistachios/Almonds and a small crock pot with Lil' Smokies swimming in some Blues Hog BBQ sauce.

(guess who ate better ;))


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Saturday Night Ribs w/out the kids.

no kids. how nice. i know they will be back in the morning but at least its quite now. so, away we go.

some sparky's signature ribs for the mrs and some mary's cherry rub for mine.


onto #36 @ 275º.


time for some FL.


thats my favorite part. love watching the butter melt. now the rest of the goodies.


look at that little louie rib coming out of FL. the color is vun da ba....


time for some stockyards red raspberry for my rib.


almost done cisco.


ohhhh. nice job dude. ty.


all cut up and ready for the dance.


my plate. veges, nah.


yes, they were that good. yummy stuff manard....


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Just Winging It

Our next door neighbor's had their annual Christmas party last night. For years my wife has made artichoke dip for the party. This time I decided to make smoked wings too.

Saturday we were in the midst of this fall's first significant snowfall, 3-5 inches expected.

Bought two packages of wings and assembled the usual suspects. The wings were cut up and put in bags with EVOO and the rubs. Sorry, crappy cell phone photo.

After some happy time in the fridge, the wings were put on smoke for 30 minutes and then bumped to 250.

Here's a shot of the view from the window next to the fireplace.

It was pretty out, but inside was the place to be today!

After an hour at 250, the temp was bumped to 350. I then cooked the wings until I like the skin color, these have been at 350 for 20 minutes and I pulled them about 10 minutes later.

Here's the artichoke dip, I need to experiment with making this in the smoker.

Here's the BBQ wings.

Here's the hot wings.

There were a big hit and it was a great party. Hope everyone's getting into the Christmas spirit!


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Dolphins vs Raiders Tailgate

2 Briskets a 10 and 8 lb.

Rub - Salt, Pepper, Garlic, Cayenne, Cocoa.

The other one has just salt and pepper

Rubbed and ready, on the MAK with Perfect Mix, @225F at 1700 (5pm)


It was so windy at the stadium that we had to put away the ez-up and hold everything down. No plated pics, the plates would blow away if we took our hands off them!



Decided to try another rib roast (choice, not prime, saving $$ for Christmas:)). It was a small one (~4 lbs). Started with Annie's EVOO w/garlic, and BP Double Secret:


Put on a rack above beef broth, onions, carrots, and garlic:


On the Mak at 250°F all probed up (oak in the hopper)!


A couple of hours in:


Pulled at an IT of 135°F to rest while the Mak cranks up to high:


Once at 450-500°F, put back on the Mak to create crust. After 10-15 minutes, all done. Just how I like it:


All plated up. Rib roast, mashed potatoes, and brussel sprouts. Fantastic dinner :D!



Rib Eye Roast

We also cooked a rib eye roast. when we get them from the market. I first remove the bones if I am cutting into smaller sizes. It helps with freezing as the bone then don't poke holes in the bag. This was a select roast we got on sale at $4 pound.. The bones we cooked at 200 for two hours , wrapped for two hours then pumped the MAK to 275 for the final hour. The roast was put on after we changed the temp to 275. After one hour the MAK was set to 325 and the roast was cooked to a internal of 145. Then it was taken off and a Maverick Thermo was put in the roast and per scooter instructions. The roast was not sliced until the temp dropped . Which was close to one hour.








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I've seen it written here that judging is harder than cooking. I totally agree. All the entries look just fantastic.

Deb: cuban sandwich marinaded butts. "While that was cooking I made some Cuban bread".
That is dedication to authenticity. Reminds me of my dad when he retired and bought
some machine shop equipment from a factory that closed. One day he needed a little bolt and decided to
make it himself instead of going to the hardware store.

bblodan: A little butt. That pulled pork sandwich looks just terrific; the slaw has my mouth watering

Squirtthecat: 3 Butt race on the Traeger. I love butts. Doing a solid for the friends and family is awesome.

Sparky: Saturday night ribs. Delicious as always Dobie. Your ribs are professional; you even cut them perfect.
I wish you'd move to Portland and open a food cart; you'd put at least 300 of the existing ones out of business.
Plus I love your Dobie Gillis references.

Rip: Just Wingin' it. Love to see the smoker working in the snow. Two kinds of
wings! Perfect for a holiday party

FLBentRider: Tailgate briskets. Nice smoke ring. There was some good eatin' that night

NorCal Smoker: Rib roast. Perfect looking slab of roast beef. I'm filing this away for Christmas

Jimsbarbecue: Rib eye roast. The rib portion looks especially yummy

The results:
1. Deb and the cuban sandwiches

2. Squirtthecat. Doing all that work for friends and family says it all. (It wasn't until I wrote "squirtthecat" that I got it; squirt isn't the cat's name it's what you do to the cat - classic)

3. Rip: Love to see the MAK working in the snow. Barbecue season runs from January to December


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congrats to the winners and thanks BP for letting us play. howard. i used to live in aloha for 4 years in the the late 80's.
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