Pulled Chuck Roast


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All these pulled chuck roasts posted here have looked really good so I thought I'd give it a shot myself. Had a terrible time actually finding one, none of the supermarkets by me sold it. Found it in Wal-Mart of all places (they also had tri tip which is something else nobody has around here, but haven't made that yet).

3.5 lb. roast coated with EVOO & Tatonka Dust into the Mak @230:


Here it is @IT 155, it sat for an hour and didn't budge so I foiled it there instead of @160.


Into a foiled pan with onions, rosemary, tarragon, beef broth, and red wine. Back into the Mak @260


Think it was at 210 or 211 when I pulled it; it was a stubborn cut of meat. One part just wouldn't give up the ghost and break down. Cook time was around 9 hours.

Here it is pulled and ready for sandwiches:


It didn't last long, I went to have some leftovers a couple of days later and my family had already eaten all of it. :)
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