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I was waffling on doing a cook this weekend with the weather we were supposed to have but the peasants got their pitchforks and torches out and threatened revolt if pulled pork was not provided, so...

Two 8.5 lb butts, injected with Smoke on Wheels pork marinade, one rubbed with Eat BBQ Zero to Hero, the other with BPS money, both with some brown sugar added. Into the smoker for ~14 hours, 230 until the stall and 260 thereafter. I didn't have any apple juice handy so when I foiled I added a mixture of Dr. Pepper and Knob Creek single barrel. This worked really well and I'll be doing it for future pork cooks. When I pulled I added a bit of BPS Happy Ending plus some pan juice.

BBQ sauce was Sweet Baby Rays mixed with some honey, BPS happy ending, and some of the juices from the pork. The latter gave it some great flavor.

My son decided he really wanted ABT's to go with, I told him if he wanted them he'd have to make them which he did. Pretty basic jalapeno, cream cheese, Mexican blend cheese, bacon, and Smokin' Guns Sweet Heat rub.

Really tasty and even after lots of hand outs there is a plenty of leftovers.

This cook used almost a full 20 lb bag of pellets. It was 30 degrees out when I put the pork on @3 am Friday and we had 30+ MPH wind gusts which lasted right through to the end of the cook. Standing downwind I could feel the heat being pulled off the smoker. I was really wishing for some sort of insulated cover for the Mak.

Everything plated up:

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The in-progress shots:

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Looks like you had some fun with your son. I love ABT's. Summer and some good peppers is just around the corner.
Nice Cook!!


Nice job on the pulled pork. It looks like there's plenty to go around. Tell your son, nice job on those ABT's too!
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