Pulled Pork


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Friday we were celebrating my sister in law's birthday, and I was notified that I would be serving pulled pork for dinner.

8lb. butt with BPS money (I should have added some sugar for a bit more bark). No injection, I don't have an injector yet.

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Onto the Mak at 3am.

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Foiled at 165, pulled at 203. This one was stubborn and took about 14 hours. While it was smoking I threw some american an cheddar cheese into the cold smoker and my wife made mac & cheese (sorry no pics of that).

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FTC for a few hours and pulled just before dinner. To make up for the lack of an injection I mixed in some happy ending when I added in some pan juice. Served with Stubb's BBQ sauce with some honey and pan juice added.

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Also made some bacon wrapped corn. Corn rubbed with olive oil, covered in Smokin' Guns sweet heat rub (this rub is becoming my go to rub for veggies), wrapped in bacon, and then more sweet heat.

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Exchanged the blank grease pan for the flame zone, cooked for ~35 min at 325, gotta turn them frequently or the bacon burns.

No final picture of these, I went to take one and they had already made it to everyone's plate!


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Looks good! I'm sure your family loved it.

I have not tried bacon wrapped corn yet, mostly because I like my bacon really crunchy:).


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I'd say you're getting that MAK figured out very nicely.

Starting to. The combination of the wifi & cooking everything @230 is making it easy. I've seen several recipes that call for higher temps (most of the butt cooks I found were 250-270 for example) but I find the Mak works really well @225-230, and the lower temp gives me more wiggle room for getting it a bit wrong. Using one temp also lets me overlap the various cooks and take advantage of the top shelf.

My wife (who is the griller in the family) is still having a tough time figuring out burgers though.
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