Pumpkin Seeds


Carved up the pumpkins Friday night and rather than roasting the seeds in the oven I decided to try them on the MAK yesterday.

Tried out half smoked and half regular.

1st half onto the Frogmat to smoke for about 30 minutes


Went up to 300 degrees for roasting and added the other half to the upper rack


Roasted for about 20 minutes until golden brown


All done


These came out great, much more even roasting on the frogmat than in a pan in the oven, the smoked ones were pretty good but if i was to do it again I would smoke them in the warming box and then roast them. Smoking them on the grill started to roast them and I think they would have gotten more smoke flavor at a lower temp.

Pictures don't do these justice but they are almost gone so I'd say it worked!


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Mmm... what a great idea! I love pumpkin seeds but have always roasted them in my oven. I'll definately give your idea a try. Thanks CarterQ!


Unfortunately these came out too good, my wife mentioned last night that pumpkins are really cheap now after Halloween and that we could make some more! Told her if she cleans em I'll roast em.
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